Bellfield with short gingery-blonde hair style

Levi Bellfield taken in 2001 at 33yrs old, show a bleached colouring of hair and eyebrows. His true hair colour is dark brown. Note his build and height at 6' 1".  Josie Russell stated that the murderer was "tall, like my father". Josie Russell next to her father

Bellfield with "blonde" bleached hair look.
Bellfield on holiday.

 E-fit of main suspect in the Chillenden Murders case  Levi Bellfield with his natural dark brown hair colour.

The witnesses who helped compile the E-fit described the main suspect as having "podgy cheeks". He was also "clean shaven" with a "short straight fringe". Bellfield liked to comb his hair forward into a short fringe.


Levi Bellfield in baseball cap 2002   Levi Bellfield wearing a baseball cap.         
Bellfield with cap: The sun-tanned 'blonde' look in earlier years.             

Josie Russell used her thumb and finger to draw up her hair when describing the attacker's hair style as "kind of spikey".

bellfield-with-spikey-hair.jpg (25438 bytes)
Levi Bellfield with spikey hair.

See also images of Levi Bellfield taken in June 1996.

Conflicting descriptions of one or more suspects was given by various witnesses which implicate either a fair or dark haired man driving a beige Ford Escort-style car. Josie Russell's description of the suspect having "yellow" hair was given some months after the crime while recovering from terrible head injuries.

Mrs Isobel Cole gave a significant description of a suspect. She stated that at around 4.30 pm (the time of the murder) she drove slowly past a man as he walked down a footpath near Chillenden with a claw hammer hanging from his hand. The vicinity is in a quiet rural area with few strangers, let alone strangers carrying hammers.

"He was in his late 20s or early 30s with a very pale complexion and dark brown eyes", clean shaven, medium build, dark trousers, wore a baseball cap and had wispy dark brown hair".

 bellfield-dark-brown-whispery-hair.jpg (21528 bytes)
Bellfield with wispy dark brown hair.

Nicola Burchell, a pottery worker, had been returning home from work when she was forced to slow down behind a beige Escort-type car which had apparently pulled out from the entrance to Cherry Garden Lane. Looking into the car, Ms Burchell saw a clean-shaven man in his thirties with "podgy cheeks" and wearing a red T-shirt - information which was later used to draw up an e-fit image of the suspect.

Anthony Rayfield said it was shortly after 5pm around half an hour after the crime had occurred that he saw a jittery white man  a mile away near a cluster of houses called Rowling Court, 35 to 40 yrs old, 5ft 4” – 5ft 6” tall, slim with balding, short, light-coloured hair.

The man was next to a stationary car with its hatch open. He walked to the top of the bank to look across the field towards Chillenden and he also looked around in all directions. As he approached, the man jogged down the road and stopped near a tree. The suspect hid a white string bag containing bloodied towel strips in bushes and returned to his car, a beige-coloured family saloon that may have been a Ford Escort.

Trevor Jackson had been in the area with a friend looking for scrap metal at between 5.10pm and 5.40pm on the day of the murders. As they neared Rowling Court - where Mr Rayfield had found the bloodied strips of towel in a string bag - they came across a parked car.

'It was a small car like a light-coloured Ford Escort and there was a bloke stood up on the top of the bank behind one of the doors which was ajar and he was looking across the field."

Travelling towards Nonington they saw another man near Cherry Garden Lane, the scene of the attack.

"He was wearing blue jeans with a grey jogging top with a hood which was up. He was white and was carrying something in his left hand. I could not see what he was carrying, except that it was not a bag. He was walking fast."

It is not known from this account whether the two people were related.

The police e-fit stated: The man is: `White, 20s-30s, fair complexion, light-coloured hair, with a short, straight fringe, broad shoulders and a red, short-sleeve T-shirt . . . he was driving a light-coloured medium-sized car which had head rests, rear mudflaps, a red-and-black anti static strip and possible a GB sticker.'

Pauline Wilkinson saw two men near the murder scene. "One had short blond hair 'like Robert Redford', and the other had darker hair and was carrying a clipboard." 

Robert Redford blonde look
Redford 'look'

bellfield-with-clipboard.jpg (40373 bytes)
Bellfield with Noel Moran carrying a 'clipboard' pad.
Was Bellfield acting as a car clamper in 1996?


Levi Bellfield had a propensity towards accosting schoolgirls wearing uniforms. Megan and Josie were wearing the red school cardigans of Goodenstone School, blue and white striped dresses, blue tights and white shoes.

Bellfield's victims were all struck with a hammer from behind, and the most serious injuries invariably appeared on the left side of the head, like those seen in the Chilldenden Murders.  See Autopsy   

Bellfield was left-handed, but only a thorough forensic investigation will reveal the true identity of the murderer.

October 14, 2001 Anna-Marie Rennie, 17, is attacked in South West London. Bellfield charged with kidnapping. The jury fail to reach a verdict.

March 21, 2002 Milly Dowler, 13, is abducted and murdered in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey. Police later make Bellfield their prime suspect.

January 8, 2003 Jesse Wilson, 17, is attacked with a hammer in Strawberry Hill, South West London. Police believe Bellfield was responsible.

February 4, 2003 Bellfield bludgeons to death Marsha McDonnell, 19, near her home in Hampton, South West London.

December 16, 2003 Irma Dragoshi, 39, is attacked at Longford Village. Bellfield charged with attempted murder. Jury fail to reach verdict.

May 28, 2004 Kate Sheedy, 18, is seriously injured after Bellfield runs her down in Isleworth.

August 19, 2004 French exchange student Amelie Delagrange, 22, is murdered by Bellfield as she walks home in Twickenham.

November 22, 2004 Bellfield arrested


See also attack on Englefield Green (near Bellfield's area of Feltham): Biology Student

February 25, 2008 He is convicted of two murders and one attempted murder and sentenced to life in prison.


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